Monday, 21 September 2009


Today I feel Australian. I don't know why. I've put on my Australia T-shirt. Going to cycle into college in a bit. Currently listening to best album EVER. Thicker than Water. It's beautiful.

Went for a drive the other day with Mike and Guy in Guy's little Daihatsu van, we bummed around Brighton and did absoloutly cack all, were meant to hand out Mikes CV's but he forgot them. However the drive home was nice, sea, sunset, van.

I wish I was in Cornwall. Hopefully going soon. I was thinking how I would love to spend christmas there, camping. It would be perfect.

Erm Friday night had a secret, magical goodbye party in the fairy camp for Duncan who is going to uni. It was really nice. We had ram burgers, Bev burgers, Bean kebabs, vegetable kebabs, salmon and 2 cakes (one personally customised for Spunks.) We put candles everywhere and bunting.

I wish bell for my bike aswell.

I'm going to miss Duncan alot and Nottingham is quite far away but i'm excited for him, it's a completely new start, new friends, new home. I can't wait for uni.

I hope you're all having a fabulous day.

Ps. I have discovered 'stumble'. Oh my it's fantastic.

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  1. i love those days when you feel australian. funny story when i was younger me my twin sis and friend went to a surf camp for the first time and pretended we were australian to the people there. faked accents and everything. we thought it was obvious we were pretending but the next year some of them still thought we were australian.. haha. i wish. :)
    happy peace day friend!! xo
    peace & love!