Thursday, 10 September 2009


I've just come back from Mallorca. It was beautiful. Met my Scottish friend Ross there. It was so warm and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed. It wasn't so touristy that you don't meet a Spanish person but it wasn't so rural that that there is nothing to do. There are some beautiful restaurants, a magical beach with hidden rocks to jump off of and a really chilled night life. The local beer is delicious aswell, Cruz Campo. I'm going to try and learn some more Spannish for next year though.
In between midnight skinny dipping and befriending Germans we went to Felanitx market. It was so traditional and beautiful, got a few nice photographs. We wanted to buy some chicks to release in the wild, and after many laughs trying to ask where the animals were in a charades like manner we found them. There were lots of animals but they were all really poorley kept. I know they are farm animals and not pets but that shouldn't mean that they should be treated like bits of wood, that is how they were treated; being chucked onto piles and picked up by thier legs. We didn't end up buying any as I would have had to buy the lot. I don't think the Taxi driver would have been too happy.

I didn't really want to come back that soon but it was nice to see Duncan again. I also broke up with my boyfriend, on good terms though which is nice though, but it does feel wierd. Duncans off to uni next week up in Nottingham so i'll have to go and visit.

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  1. i love your stories on your travels! sounds beautiful always. i want to learn more spanish too. and to go more amazing places. cute photo :)
    peace & love!