Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tree camp

Last night Duncan and myself went for a BBQ at Bens. We met him in Falmouth on our little holiday. We turned up but couldn't find anyone so we took a little wander into the woods infront of his house. He phoned us, we met up and he took us to the BBQ spot where Lali, Amy and George were waiting. We were walking for about 15 minutes into the forest with him then we took a right into the undergrowth. We walked for ages through the trees, under branches, over trunks and streams. We could see a glowing light and smell the BBQ. We were expecting just a small clearing in the tree's with a camp fire. It was the most beautiful camp I have ever seen. There were several tree platforms around us with a rope ladders to them and ropes between them. There were shelves built between trees and little pegs in the tree's to hang things from. There was a tipi made from hazel and willow and deer and sheep skulls attatched to the trees. A little sign on one of the trees said 'please look after our little camp.' It was so sweet. There were stars made from hazel hanggin from the tree's and candels everywhere. A magical night in beautiful company. Going to a tipi party tonight at Amys.

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