Monday, 17 August 2009


I've been learning Capri for two days now. It's such a beautiful songs and the words are gorgeous. I think I have the guitar but the voice needs altering. Today Naomi, Amy, Duncan and myself went into Eastbourne to buy food for One Love festival. Last year we were so prepared. we made chick pea curry from scratch and homemade veggie burgers but this year I don't fancy washing up much so have loads of noodles and rice.
Duncan wrote a song about our magical camping trip and sent it to me, it's really sweet. He writes music for his folky group Chief Ten Bears.
I also bought a corchet hook for 25p in a charity shop to tighten my two dreads with! They're coming on nicely! I'm worried i'll get carried away though and end up doing the whole thing.
Left the hook in Duncan car though and he forgot to take his flapjacks.
Oh yeah, another small story. The night before last i decided to make my homemade festival flapjacks at ten at night. I filmed it aswell and put it on youtube. My very own cookery show!
We slept in a tent in the garden yesterday as we're sad to be back from camping, it was nice, D-man talked in his sleep again though, he said his brother 'forgot to take the flapjacks with him!' Ahha.

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  1. mmm veggie burgers!!
    thats such a good idea cooking shows on youtube. i love that<3
    peace & love