Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I went to France with my dad on the scooter the other day. We had a lovely lunch, mussels in garlic, white wine and cream. It's so beautiful there. The beaches were packed at 7 at night, the bars on the beach were buzzing with life. Live music spilled out of cafes and families went down to the beach to have a cool beer and some dinner.
The European way of life seems so much more relaxed. The beaches are cleaner, the sea is clearer, the food is nices and I could still see Dover.

I took this photograph on top of a cliff a few miles West of Callais. It was a really beautiful cove. The cliff was cut into making a pathway to the beach, which may I add was miles of golden sand.
I like the way the lines of the grass all go off to a point creating a sense of perspective.

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  1. that photo is wonderful. and your scooter ride with your dad sounds lovely. i wish i lived near a place like that. sounds magical. :)