Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I've just started on a new picture, I think I want to use a combination of paint, inks and pen maybe a bit of collage, not sure. Collage is dangerous, i'll end up sticking giant pieces of driftwood to it. Bad idea. I'm doing it on paper aswell which means I can typewriter all over it. Good times.

I'll post it when i'm done. It should be taking longer than it does. Real artists spend weeks on a piece of art. I get so excited about the ideas in my head that I go mental and just like throw up a mass of visual paint vomit on a page in about 3 hours.

I also have a pile of driftwood, shells and stones on my floor which is increasing in size everythime I go to the beach. It looks so pretty but needs something doing with them.

OHH I found an artist that is amazing called Chris Silva. He does beautiful things with buildings and drift wood. Check him out. AHah i sound like an advertiser.

Trip to St Agnes has been sorted now, a bit of a balls up with the whole camping pitch and such but if it doesn't happen a sheltered cliff side will do me fine, as long as a have some doritos and my camera. Duncan found a shortboard in his garage to take with us but we don't have a roof rack so duck tape may have to be considered.

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